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Grapevine binding made easy

  • The TOX®-4-column press
    The TOX®-4-column press
  • Seibert Gerätebau produces the attachment parts on a TOX-4-column press
    Seibert Gerätebau produces the attachment parts on a TOX-4-column press

The binding of grapevines is time consuming and exhausting. Vine binding devices from Seibert Gerätebau can provide relief here. To be able to produce the main component of the wine grower's tool economically and at high quality as well, the company ordered a second TOX®-4-column press, with significantly higher capacity.


Seibert Gerätebau GmbH is headquartered in Barbelroth in Rhineland-Palatinate on the German Wine Route (Deutsche Weinstrasse). So, it comes as no surprise that the company specializes in practical helpers for winegrowing: Since 1995, the family business has been developing and producing grapevine binding devices – now in its second generation, with 10 employees. In spring, the wine growers attach the vines to the tension wires of the grapevine pile rows, so that shoots can grow unhindered. To accelerate and facilitate this exhausting and time-consuming work, Seibert has developed the vine binding device named Beli. It significantly reduces the binding time per hectare and uses a lightly galvanized special wire as environmentally friendly binding material, which can be removed easily and rots in the ground without any residue after about a year.


For the production of Beli, Seibert has been using a 4-column press from TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG based in Weingarten, Germany for many years. The equipment manufacturer uses it for punching and bending the attachment parts made of sheet steel. The main component of the tool was now also to be produced in-house – the so-called switching handle made of 1.5-millimeter strong aluminum. But the business based in Rhineland Palatinate needed significantly more punching and bending force than the already installed press could provide. Thanks to the favorable experience, Seibert opted for a system from TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK once again. Managing Director Sascha Seibert contacted Marco Unger from technical sales at TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK with his request. “We got together and took a close look at the requirements of the new system”, says Mr. Unger. “The optimum solution swiftly turned out to be a 4-column press of the MAG series with a very powerful TOX®-Powerpackage as the drive”.


The new press is three times as strong


“In principle, the new press is designed in the same way as the one we have already been using for several years”, says Mr. Seibert. “However, the new one has a press force which is three times as strong.” The press systems of the MA series optimally distribute the load across the entire clamping surface. The 4-column design and solid construction of the press plates minimize the bending up here. Depending on the machining task, the equipment manufacturer can easily use different tools, made possible by the generous tool mounting space as well as the variably selectable stroke. “Seibert Gerätebau decided on a standard version of the TOX®-4-column press MAG with a press force of max. 520 kilonewton”, Mr. Unger says. “A pneumohydraulic TOX®-Powerpackage of type X-KT with a total stroke of 50 and a power stroke of 32 millimeters drives the press.” The 4-column frame has ram protection for a safe return stroke and comes with CE marking.


Seibert Gerätebau uses the new press to produce the switching handle of the vine binding device in two steps. In the first step, the operator punches the Y-shaped blanks from a 1.5-millimeter strong aluminum band, which is inserted into the press via a wooden guide. For the second step, the operator changes the tool in the press and bends the blanks into switching handles.


“As a result, Seibert now also produces the main component of the Beli in-house – quickly, easily and economically”, says Unger.

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