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Servo Press Drives for E-mobility Industry

For over 40 years, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK has been a worldwide leader in manufacturing innovative press drive systems, sheet metal joining, and assembly equipment with a number of applications, including E-mobility. In the highly demanding and constantly evolving world of E-mobility, innovation is the name of the game. The requirement to revolutionize motor design inherent within E-mobility development can present engineers with a number of challenges to overcome.  Our team sees hurdles as a path toward continuous transformation.

The result?

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK servo press drives for trucks and buses, along with agricultural vehicle servo press drives have earned a reputation for being the manufacturing solution of choice across this highly demanding industry.

What are some applications that are well-suited for TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK servo press drive systems?

  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Agricultural vehicles

A wide variety of sheet metal applications within the production of highly energy efficient components used in the production of electric-drive and hybrid systems are perfect candidates for manufacturing with TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK servo press drives.

A Credible Commitment to Quality

A recognized commitment to quality is necessary to be a leader in this industry. Our products and processes are evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure the utmost compliance with all government, quality, and efficiency regulations. We are certified under ISO 9001:2015, demonstrating our continued commitment to quality and to meeting our customers requirements, all the time, every time.

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK manufactures servo press drives that lead the marketplace when it comes to reliability, performance, and durability over time. The team at TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK brings over 4 decades of experience in press manufacturing for a range of materials and applications. We will ensure that the servo press drive system we provide you, along with accessories such as air and oil cylinders and robot tongs will exceed your expectations from day one and beyond, for years to come.


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