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Pneumatic Benchtop Presses

Our pneumatic presses incorporate the TOX®-Pneumatic cylinder featuring the latest pneumatic seal technology for smooth and reliable pressing and forming operation. Our pneumatic presses include a ball rail guide system and a basic tool set. Pneumatic presses use pressurized air to apply pressure and perform processes such as pressing, forming, and joining. Once a stroke is complete, the pressurized air leaves through valves and the press returns to its resting position. Pneumatic presses are much quicker than hydraulic presses, and are able to be stopped, even mid process, when an operator opens their valves to release air. They are versatile, easy to use, and require no fluid to operate. TOX®-Pneumatic Presses have adjustable end positioning and dampening, stroke adjustment over entire travel, and have an end position sensor with stroke adjustment.

Pneumatic press features include:

  • Adjustable force ranging from 2 to 57.5 kN (450 to 12,900 lbs)
  • Multi-stage pneumatic design
  • Non-rotating ram
  • Minimal operator effort with constant press force
  • TOX® Pneumatic Cylinders with high-tech seal
  • Optional position or travel sensor

Delivering the best in TOX®-FinePress quality, TOX®-Pneumatic Presses provide high-precision functionality without the need for guide adjustment. Models include:

  • Type S (standard frame)
  • Type L (increased open height)
  • Type W (increased throat depth)
Pneumatic Press PFS
Press force: 2 kN

Pneumatic Press type PFS with standard frame size.

Pneumatic Press PFL
Press force: 4-57.5 kN

Pneumatic press type PFL with increased open height.

Pneumatic Press PFW
Press force: 4-8.5 kN

Pneumatic Press type PFW with increased throat depth.

TOX®-Pneumatic Benchtop Presses from 2 - 57.5 kN (450 - 12,926 lb-force)

TOX®-Pneumatic Press optional Accessories:


  • Electric counter ZPZ, long life battery operated includes a pressure switch.
  • Travel sensor
  • Home position sensor ZOT mounted on tie rods.
  • End position sensor ZUT with stroke adjustment.
  • Tool fixture ZA. Also available with 3-in-1 tool clamping concept, with or without force sensor.
  • Connection of optional electrical accessories is made easy due to the default interface included in scope of delivery.
  • Pressing monitor.
  • Mounting of slide tables according to frame type.

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