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TOX®-Powerpackage line-X with Performance-Push

  • TOX®-Powerpackage line-X type X-S
    TOX®-Powerpackage line-X type X-S
  • TOX®-Powerpackage line-X type X-K
    TOX®-Powerpackage line-X type X-K
  • TOX®-Powerpackage X-KT system
    TOX®-Powerpackage X-KT system

The technology company TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG, D-88250 Weingarten in South Germany continues its ongoing expansion and optimization of its product range of pneumohydraulic press force drive cylinders for the TOX®-Powerpackage line-X series. Based on the services and experiences of worldwide more than 150,000 installed units in very different industrial sectors, the TOX®-Powerpackages of the series with pneumatic spring (instead of the mechanical spring for the return stroke) now underwent an extensive update. The objective here was to increase the performance, decrease the maintenance costs and optimize the delivery capacity by streamlining the range.

The new TOX®-Powerpackages line-X are available in the designs type X-S (slim design), type X-K (compact design) and also as separate pneumohydraulic aggregate TOX®-Powerpackage X-KT. Pneumatic spring, power stroke valve and fast stroke support are already integrated. What is new here is a pneumatic spring pressure regulator with maximum airflow for optimized cycle times, a distributor rail ZVL including OR valve for permanent pressure generation and an OR valve for fast stroke support. In addition, all drive cylinders of the line-X are equipped with a dynamic pressure switch (control throttle X).

Control versions like pressure regulator in the power stroke line, external power stroke connection or external power stroke release are optionally possible. In case of service/repair, pressure regulators and OR valve can be easily replaced on site. Overall, the new TOX®-Powerpackages line-X provide significantly increased fast approach forces and noticeably enhanced stroke speed, combined with minimized maintenance/repair costs. Furthermore, the drive cylinders can be easily controlled and adjusted, and can thus be easily integrated into work-/process stations as well as into sub- or complete systems. The well known robust and high quality also enables the manufacturer TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG to guarantee more than 10 million cycles over a period of 12 months for all TOX®-Powerpackages without work-shift restrictions.

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