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Table mounted C-frames

C-Frame Benchtop Presses

These elegant presses can be combined with index tables and automatic feeding systems. Available in different sizes and technical specifications to meet individual requirements. Standard frames available from stock.

A forerunner in the industry, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK can meet the specifications of your application and create a press that performs your job seamlessly. Safety, cost-efficiency and ease-of-use are among the factors we consider when customizing a C-Frame Benchtop Press for our customers. 

TOX®-C-Frame Benchtop press series MC
Max. capacity: 20-150 kN

The series MC has a height-adjustable tool area. It is usable as bench top machine or for integration in transfer devices and production lines.

The Series MC has a press force range 20-150 kN (2-15 tons), delivering a high force over a short distance. It is a compact press package optimized for the TOX®-Powerpackage cylinder. The adjustable working height provides extreme flexibility.

The compact, benchtop size of the Series MC integrates easily into transfer and assembly lines, as well as custom machines. The press has an adjustable working height and an adjustable tool area. These features provide flexibility in a vast range of industries and applications, including: Pressing, Coining, Bending, Riveting or Stamping.

The small size, combined with strong construction, allows cost-efficient, high-speed production with significant stability.


The Series MC is durable, safe and efficient.

Additional accessories available for the MC-presses include the anti-torsion lock and pressure switch.

TOX®-C-Frame Benchtop press series CEB
Max. capacity: 40-300 kN

With its flame cut solid steel plates, a flexible design of the series CEB is possible. It can be used as machine mount units, robotic or stationary units.

TOX®-C-Frame Benchtop press series CMB
Max. capacity: 40-300 kN

The series CMB has a linear slide in the frame which guides the press ram. No additional tool guidance is required.

Flame cut from solid steel plates to fit your requirements. Our engineers love to take these frames as a base for customized designs because they can be easily provided with any profile.

These extremely rigid presses are used as machine mount units, robotic or stationary units using our standard press drives and accessories. The CMB version features a linear rail tool guidance as a standard component.

TOX®-C-Frame Benchtop press series MCC
Max. capacity: 20-150 kN

The series MCC has a solid and cost effective cast steel construction. It is ideal for use as single press or in combination with feeding systems.

With the press force capacity of 20 to 150 kN (2 to 15 tons) the Series MCC is our most compact and solid C-Frame model. The Series MCC is made from cost-effective materials such as cast steel, giving the press extreme rigidity. Powered by the TOX®-Powerpackage or TOX®-ElectricPowerDrive, with a throat depth to 150 mm, the MCC can be used as a single press or with feeding or tool changing accessories. The flexibility and versatility of the Series MCC make the press ideal for: Pressing, Coining, Bending, Punching, Riveting or Stamping.

Accessories for the versatile Series MCC are numerous and include:

  • Ram guide plate with coupling
  • Table bore
  • Mini ram guide
  • Pressure switch
  • Tool holding fixture
  • Load cell
  • Indexing slide
  • Anti-torsion lock

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