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2-Column and 4-Column Press Frames

Frames for column presses and benchtop presses

TOX®-Column Presses are available in 2 and 4-Column configurations, with entirely symmetrical construction, which delivers optimum punching and pressing results even over a large bed area. Wide and large bed areas can be developed cost effectively and easily. Our electromechanical, pneumo-hydraulic or hydraulic driven column presses feature a flexible and simple design, and are easily expandable for multi-level installations.

All TOX®-Column Presses are available within a short leadtime.

The TOX®-2-Column press was made with small workspaces in mind. The compact 2-plate construction and compact dimensions do not impact workload. With a high loading capacity, users of the 2-column press can expect consistent and accurate punching and pressing each and every time. Some TOX®-2-Column models also offer height adjustment features. The TOX®-4-Column press is another of our proven, “tried and true” products. This machine offers optimal load distribution by utilizing the entire clamping surface. As a result, centric deflection is significantly minimized. Combine the TOX®-4-Column press with an anti-torsion tool or 4-column ram guide for virtually endless possibilities.

Reliability, service and cost-effective production are some of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK buzzwords.

We pride ourselves on having a presence in more than 40 countries around the globe; regardless of your location, there is a TOX®-sales associate or customer service representative ready to assist with your specific applications. TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK is ISO:9001 compliant and upholds all relevant government regulations.  

TOX®-Column Press series MB and MBG
Max. capacity: 10-2000 kN

High loading capacity combined with minimal dimensions – this principle can be optimally realized in the 2-column presses. The MBG offers a larger tool area.

High load capacity with a small footprint – this concept is optimized with our column presses. Compact 2-plate construction, height adjustment optional for MB presses.

TOX®-Column Press series MA and MAG
Max. capacity: 10-2000 kN

Rigid 4-column press with optimal load distribution over the entire clamping surface and minimal centric deflection. The series MAG offers a larger tool area.

Optimum load distribution over the entire plate surface, minimum symmetrical deflection: these are some of the characteristics of our proven column presses. Our modular concept opens an unlimited number of possibilities: for example, with antirotating tool fixture or with 4-column guided ram plate.

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